About Us

Welcome to Cawthra Park United Church, where God is at work to make all things possible!
What we mean by that is that we expect the God we meet in Jesus to be active among us to do what we see God doing in scripture—transforming us from the inside out and transforming the world through us. Great things really do happen as we follow Jesus.

We are a church for families and children, dedicated to nurturing the imaginations of all ages. Dreamers and doubters, seekers and skeptics, we gather as a community who seeks to embody God’s hospitality in our interactions with one another. We welcome and accept you just as you are. In your time with Cawthra Park United Church, our prayer is that you know and experience God’s unconditional love for you.

We have services on Sunday at 10:30am and are almost always finished our service by 11:30 am.
After service, join us in the auditorium for coffee, tea, snacks and conversation.

Cawthra Park United Church