The most powerful truth in the world is not what has happened but what might happen. In the gospel we see a God who is capable of love in the midst of hate, of grace in the midst of greed, of compassion in the midst of violence, and of forgiveness in the midst of bitterness. In the person of Jesus Christ, we see a God whose love is super-natural.

The truth about the gospel, says the great preacher Frederick Buechner, is that while it “may be too good to be true, who knows? Maybe the truth of it is that it’s too good not to be true.” In Jesus Christ, the world as it currently is (with so much hate and violence) meets the truth that things do not have to be this way. Broken lives can be healed, the earth can be cared for, and people can flourish.

We invite you to come and imagine what the world can look like when the supernatural love of God begins to take shape in our hearts and in the world. The gospel breaks into our world and surprises us with a grace too amazing and a love too infinite to comprehend. In the hope that we might experience and share this kind of love, we live, work and worship. For it is in doing so, says Jesus, “all things are possible to those who believe.”