Children & Youth

Children are the most priceless gift the world has. At Cawthra Park we strive to give children and youth a foundation of love and community. They need to know there is a place where people will always care for them and be there for them. God’s love and our human love gives them a launch pad from which to soar. Faith is not a burden that they have to carry; faith is a set of wings that give them the courage and vision to be all that God has put it in them to be. In order to help achieve these goals, we have a dynamic children’s ministry. It includes Sunday School on Sundays, where the children have their own time of learning, crafts and play for the latter 2/3 of the service. We have a children’s choir that sings on special occasions and that performs a Christmas Pageant. Each summer we host a week-long Vacation Bible School that is fun and educational. In addition, we work together with Lyndwood Nursery School on various events throughout the year.

Tara Nagy is an Early Childhood educator and taught at Lyndwood Nursery School for 23 years before retiring.  Her love of children and education doesn’t let her get far from the Nursery School though; she continues to supply teach there.
She writes curriculum and teaches Church School to the young children at Cawthra Park United Church and finds that it is one of the most rewarding activities she does. She organizes children’s programs for special services, trains other children’s workers, and ensures that children have a safe and enjoyable experience as they learn faith.
Being part of a vital community is very important to Tara, and both the Nursery School and Cawthra Park United Church have helped her to become a strong community member. She and her husband, Ken, moved to the area 26 years ago and raised three sons who all live in the neighbourhood.  They are thoroughly enjoying being grandparents to their first grandson. When she is not teaching, writing and watching her grandson, she enjoys spending time at cottage, Sunday night family dinners, and organizing trips.